Public Policy Action Alert – H.R. 644 the America Gives More Act of 2015

Public Policy Action Alert from our friends at Utah Nonprofit AssociationCapture

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 644 the America Gives More Act of 2015 this week, either Wednesday February 11th or Thursday February 12th. Utah Nonprofits Association, in conjunction with the National Council of Nonprofits (NCN), would like to ask you to send letters, emails and tweets to Utah’s four representatives in Congress to express your support for these charitable giving incentives over the next 3 days. A sample email letter you may use is attached.

The America Gives More Act of 2015 H.R. 644 incorporates three individual bills, which is expected to extend and make permanent the following tax incentives:

H.R. 637: IRA charitable rollover

H.R. 644: the expanded deduction of food inventories

H.R. 641: donation of land for conservation purposes

The bill will also streamline the excise tax by setting a single tax rate of 1 percent on net investment income for private foundations. Get more information from NCN here.

David L. Thompson, the Vice President of Public Policy at the National Council of Nonprofits, believes that;

“We all need to be consciously reframing discussions by raising the visibility of needs in the community and pointing out (using data from the NFF State of the Sector survey and the Urban Institute) that those ever-increasing community needs are translating to greater – and unfunded – demands on nonprofits to fill the gaps. Policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels need to hear from us about these increased demands, or they will continue their attempts to shift their burdens onto nonprofits.”

Key messages to include in your communications are:

-Make permanent and expanding the charitable deduction for contributions of food inventory.
-Make permanent the rule allowing seniors citizens to make tax-free distributions from IRA for charitable purposes.
-Make permanent and enhance the charitable deduction for conservation easements.
-Simplify the tax rate for excise tax on investment income of private foundations.

Utah Facts

(Data from 2014 State of the Sector Survey conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund)

  • In 2013, 76% of nonprofits organizations in Utah reported an increased demand for services.
  • 85% of nonprofit organizations in Utah expected demand for services to increase in 2014. Nonprofits depend on these charitable giving incentives to attract and retain donors who help them to meet the increasing need for services in their communities.
  • In 2013 48% of charitable nonprofits in Utah were unable to meet the demand for services in their community and 44% expected to be unable to meet the demand again in 2014. Nonprofits need these charitable giving incentives to be made permanent in order to plan, year-round, for giving to expand programs.
  • “Achieving long-term financial stability” is seen as the greatest challenge among Utah nonprofits. Making tax incentives likes these permanent helps engage donors and make long term giving planning easier for organizations which in turn helps nonprofits diversify their funding sources, have more regular and reliable cash flow, develop cash reserves and more unrestricted revenue, contributing to long term financial stability.

See the Nonprofit Chapter in the Utah’s 2015 Economic Report to the Governor for additional information on Utah’s nonprofit sector.

Take these Actions recommended by the National Council of Nonprofits:

By Phone: Call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121), ask to be connected to your Representative’s office, and say:

“Vote Yes on the charity tax incentive bill; the people who benefit from the work of nonprofits in our community need your support.”

By Email:

Find your Representative’s email address and send her/him this message, along with any other information about how the expired giving incentives have helped your nonprofit perform work in their communities:

“Vote Yes on the charity tax incentive bill; the people who benefit from the work of nonprofits in our community need your support.”

On Twitter:

If you are not in Utah you can find your Representative’s Twitter handles here. Utah Representatives are listed below:

  • Jason Chaffetz @jasoninthehouse
  • Orrin Hatch @orrinhatch
  • Mia Love @MiaBLove
  • Mike Lee @SenMikeLee
  • Chris Stewart @RepChrisStewart

Tweet one of the following @ them:

@_____ Vote Yes on the charity tax incentive bill; the people who benefit from the work of nonprofits in our community need your support #protectgiving

@_____ Help our communities and the nonprofits that serve them: pass the charitable incentives tax bill #protectgiving

@_____ communities served by #nonprofits deserve better. Make charitable giving incentives permanent

Use the hashtag #protectgiving

Thank you for helping us raise our nation’s nonprofit voice!

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