We're sorry. By our calculations, you are not eligible for food stamps. But this is only an estimation not a determination by DWS. Consider applying for food stamps anyway.

0 Household Members

You must have at least one person in your household in order for us to calculate your benefits.

Net Income Exceeds Limit

We're sorry. Your Net Income is too high to be eligible for food stamps.

Who is part of my household?

If your family buys, prepares, and stores food separately from another family that lives with you, then you may be considered separate households. Otherwise, both families will be considered part of the same household for food stamps.

What counts as income?

Enter your monthly income before taxes. Include the income of anyone in your household over the age of 17. If you have children who do not go to school and have a job, their income must also be counted.

What do I do if my earned income changes from month to month?

Take your best guess based on your current work situation. When you apply for food stamps, they will ask you for check stubs from one to three months back to determine your expected income. If you do not have a job, enter $0. The food stamp office can help you determine your average income.

What counts as unearned income?

This could include child support, Social Security, financial assistance, or regular payments you receive from a family member or friend. Lump sums of cash (such as from a tax return or one-time loan) do not count as income.

What counts as an out of pocket medical cost?

You can only count costs for someone elderly or disabled. You must use your best estimate for these expenses, but they can include costs for insurance (including Medicaid), prescriptions, doctor visits, dental work, psychotherapy, home health care, nursing home care, eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids, and many other costs. The food stamp office can help you determine which expenses can count.

What counts as dependent care costs?

Usually this is for child care costs. If you pay for someone to care for a child so that you can work, look for work, or go to school, then enter that cost here.

What are child support costs?

If you are legally obligated to pay child support costs, enter the monthly amount here.

What counts toward my rent or mortgage cost?

Enter the cost for your mortgage or rent. If you own the home, you can also include your property tax and homeowner's insurance.

Which utility option should I choose?
  • "All Utilities" if you pay the costs to heat and cool your apartment separate from your rent. These costs can include gas or electric heating, wood or coal for stoves, kerosene, etc. Cooling costs mean that you pay to run an air conditioner or swamp cooler. Fans do not count. Choose this option if you receive HEAT assistance.
  • "All Utilities Except Heating and Cooling" if you pay for water, electricity, etc. separate from your rent, but your heating and cooling costs are included with your rent.
  • "Telephone Only" if you pay just for a phone (cell phone or land line) separate from your rent.
  • "No Utility Costs" if your utilities are included with your rent. BUT, if you receive HEAT assistance, choose "Heating and Cooling" even if your utilities are included with your rent.


Estimated Total Monthly Benefits


ATTENTION: This calculator is intended to provide an ESTIMATE on what your benefits would be. Your actual benefits may end up being slightly more or less.

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