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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is the nation’s largest federal nutrition program. People can apply for SNAP ONLINE or fill out a paper application at a DWS (Department of Workforce Services) office. If they are eligible, they will receive benefits on an EBT card. Income eligibility limits can be found here.SNAP limits

Utahns Against Hunger works to connect eligible households to SNAP. Our Food Stamp Calculator is a quick-and-easy screening tool that allows people to determine if they may be eligible for SNAP if they apply. The Food Stamp Calculator does not make the final determination and is only a screening tool to estimate potential benefits.

You do not apply for food stamps with UAH, but with DWS, and we cannot process your application or see it after it has been submitted. However, there are several agencies in Utah that can provide assistance.

Find a store that accepts SNAP

Expedited SNAP

Normally, SNAP applications are processed within 30 days. You can receive your SNAP benefits in 7 days, if:

You are in a household whose combined monthly gross income and liquid assets are less than the household’s monthly utilities and rent/mortgage.

You are in a household with less than $150 in monthly gross income and have less than $100 cash on hand

No verification is required at the time of application. The regular application process must be completed for benefits to continue past the first month. Same day benefit issuance is possible for people who already have an EBT card.

tomato plant seedlings

Fun Fact: SNAP benefits can also be used to buy seeds and plants that produce food for human consumption!

Student SNAP Fact Sheet 2016: A quick look at what’s available for hungry college students

This fact sheet is a great resource for college aged students and adults. It covers SNAP specific rules for college aged students, tips for living on a tight budget, Utah colleges that have food pantries, and food coops.

Need Food Help?

Our “Need Food Help?” resource guides list places and ways that people can get food in 15 different regions statewide. Click on the region to download that Need Food Help flyer.

Contact Us if you have any questions.

Watch this Center on Budget and Policy Priorities video called “Making America Stronger: the U.S. Food Stamp Program” to learn more about SNAP.

Summer Food

Find food help when school’s out

Click here to find where your child can get free meals this summer
Farmers Markets

Fresh, local produce in your area

Use your food stamps at farmers markets for delicious, nutritious food
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