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Advocacy is nothing more than speaking up about issues you care about to people who have the power to make decisions. It can mean asking for special help for your own child by speaking to a teacher or principal. It can mean asking to speak to a manager when the customer service person won’t give you a refund. It could also mean testifying at a city council meeting or even meeting with your Congressional representative about an upcoming vote. The only requirements are that you learn a little about a problem that you care about.

Please contact us if you would like to have a legislative advocacy training done in your community or if you’d like to receive updates from us about advocacy issues.

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Volunteer Orientations and Trainings Utahns Against Hunger hosts volunteer orientations for those interested in donating their time to help Utahns Against Hunger. We offer one time…

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During UAH’s SNAP Challenge and while they debate the Farm Bill, contact our Utah representatives to tell them to protect Food Stamps/SNAP. Salutation Washington DC…

Hands of Homeless Man Receiving Bowl of Soup Top Five Anti-Hunger Opportunities in Utah

1. Help someone you know get food stamps Why? Anyone who meets the financial requirements for the program is definitely in need of assistance. Helping…

C-lunch Other Opportunities

Taste of the Wasatch For the past twelve years, the annual Taste of the Nation culinary festival has raised funds to help support efforts to…

Farmers Markets

Fresh, local produce in your area

Use your food stamps at farmers markets for delicious, nutritious food
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Grow an extra row in your garden and help feed the hungry
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