Use this chart to contact your representatives on hunger issues.

Salutation Washington DC Office Twitter Salt Lake St. George Ogden Brigham City Cedar City Provo
United States Senator Orrin Hatch 202-224-5251 @SenOrrinHatch 801-524-4380* 435-634-1795 801-625-5672 435-586-8435 801-375-7881
United States Senator Mike Lee 202-224-5444 @senmikelee 801-524-5933* 435-628-5514
Congressman Rob Bishop 202-225-0453 @reprobbishop 801-625-0107* 435-734-2270
Congressman Chris Stewart 202-225-9730 @RepChrisStewart 801-364-5550* 435-627-1500
Congressman Jason Chaffetz 202-225-7751 @Jasoninthehouse 801-851-2500
Congresswoman Mia Love 202-225-3011 @RepMiaLove 801-996-8729*
* Indicates Primary District Office

Advocacy Chart

Here are a few other things you can do to advocate for anti-hunger work and other causes you care about.

  • Watch the UAH website and Facebook Page & sign-up to receive our action alerts. Utahns Against Hunger works on policy and budget issues both on the state and federal level. We post action items and information about the issues we are working on, and you can use our website to stay updated on the issues that are important to us and to you.  Email us to get on our Action-Alert listserv. Write “Please add me to your action-alert listserv” in the subject line.
  • Follow the goings-on at the capitol. Utah State Legislature website. Utah’s legislature has an award-winning website that allows you to view and track bills, contact legislators, and even live stream hearings and debates.
  • Speak with your legislator. Legislators rely on their constituents to voice their concerns on the bills and budget issues before them during the legislative session as well as the interim months. If there are issues you are concerned about, send your legislator an email or letter, or just pick up the phone and call. Legislators often cite constituent concerns when they take a position on legislative issues. Remember, they are paid with your taxes to represent you.  Here’s how to find your representativeContact your state’s senators.
  • Hone your advocacy skills. Advocacy Training These are the slides we use for training citizen activists like you.
  • Writing an opinion piece or a letter to the editor. Although writing a successful op-ed is a project, there’s no better way to get your thoughts out in front of thousands of people.  Submit a letter to the editor to the Salt Lake TribuneContact the Deseret News directly for information about their opinion piece guidelines.  For other newspapers, get in touch with their Editorial Page editor for more information.
  • Provide testimony at a public hearing. Public hearings are held in a variety of situations, such as city council meetings, legislative committee meetings, and at school board meetings. Yes, you have to attend meetings! Even State agencies hold public hearings whenever they change their rules. Providing public testimony either in person or in writing gives you an opportunity to weigh in on the issues that are important to you.
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