SNAP Outreach Program

In Utah, less than 80% of people eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) are currently receiving benefits. The SNAP Horizon CardOutreach Program is a partnership between Utahns Against Hunger and the Utah Department of Workforce Services to increase access to SNAP benefits across the state. Community organizations and food pantries are eligible to be reimbursed for the time they spend on SNAP outreach activities. By providing support and increasing funding for SNAP outreach, Utah and UAH aim to increase access to food stamps, particularly among vulnerable populations including seniors, people with disabilities, people with limited English proficiency, and low income workers.

The SNAP Outreach Program is open to community organizations and food pantries who already perform SNAP outreach activities or who wish to begin performing such activities.  Appropriate outreach activities include:

  • Eligibility pre-screenings;
  • Application assistance;
  • Assistance obtaining verification documents;
  • Information dissemination;
  • Outreach exhibits or booths at community events;
  • Conducting outreach workshops;
  • Advertising;
  • Public service announcements;
  • Toll free information lines;
  • Development of printed educational or informational materials;
  • Training;
  • Translation of materials;
  • Program access activities.

In order to participate, organizations must sign a contract with UAH, receive training for myCase and demographic tracking, track time spent on outreach activities and client demographic information, and report to UAH every month. Additional state and federal requirements may apply. The organizations will then receive a monthly reimbursement for 50% of their employees’ salaries and benefits.

If your organization or food pantry is interested in participating in the SNAP Outreach Program, please contact Melissa for more information. The SNAP Outreach Toolkit can be found here.

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