Grow a Row, Share the Harvest


Thanks to all the community-minded individuals who participated in Grow-a-Row this year! From Sugarhouse to Spanish fork, over 40 people grew and donated fresh produce to their local food pantries. The map below shows all the “rows” throughout the valley. Check out this great article from Deseret News that highlights a West Jordan boy scout who used Grow a Row to enlist his neighbors to grow and donate thousands of pounds of winter squash this season.


Why Grow a Row? We believe that everyone has the right to fresh, healthy, food. However, those who rely on food pantries often do not have access to fresh produce. This is where you come in. Do you have a garden that produces far too many tomatoes than you can eat and preserve? Does your apple tree overwhelm you with fruit by the end of the season? Instead of letting all that fresh, nutritious produce go to waste, you can donate it to it to your local food pantry. You can fight hunger in your own backyard!

How it works:  We want to make giving easy, so in the spring we contact food pantries to make sure that they’re willing and able to receive donations from the public. By making the connection between participants and pantries, we hope to increase the amount of fresh produce donated throughout the growing season. We believe that this is one way to give back and share extra produce with those who otherwise lack access. Read about the history of Grow-a-Row here.

Who can participate: Anyone with a bit of garden space! This is also great opportunity for an Eagle Scout Project. Please help us spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Follow this link to download a Grow A Row flyer.

How to get involved: Sign up here to register your “row.” You can find a pantry accepting donations near you here. After you plant, grow, and harvest your produce, you’re all set to donate your surplus to hunger relief.

Real Food Rising staff Liz and volunteer Willa construct “sack gardens” to grow food to donate through Grow-a-Row.



Questions about our Grow-a-Row program?  Email Liz or call us at the office.



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