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The impact of the current recession on hunger and food insecurity in Utah has been devastating. We can see that record number of Utahns (pdf) have been utilizing Food Stamps during the recession.

Although USDA data indicate that Utah’s rate of food security is on par with or higher than the national average, most federal nutrition programs are still woefully underutilized in Utah. The most recent USDA data indicates that just over half of Utah households eligible for Food Stamps actually use the program. Utahns leave over $180 million in unclaimed Food Stamp benefits on the table every year, or roughly three times the annual output of the Utah Food Bank. Utah also ranks very low in our utilization of school lunch programs, and last in the country in our rate of school breakfast participation among impoverished children.

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  • Utah Household Food Stamp Profile




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Feeding America

  • Hunger in America 2014 – Hunger in America is a series of quadrennial studies that provide comprehensive demographic profiles of people seeking food assistance through the charitable sector and an in-depth analysis of the partner agencies in the Feeding America network that provide this assistance. It is the largest study of its kind. The data collected through the Hunger in America studies help guide the development of programs and solutions that improve food security for individuals and their households and inform public policy and support for solving hunger in America.

Children’s HealthWatch

  • Food Insecurity & Hunger in the U.S. – Children’s HealthWatch and the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) publish a tri-annual newsletter about new research on nutrition and food insecurity in the United States.  It summarizes recent and important food insecurity and hunger research from academia, government agencies, think tanks and health and policy organizations to ensure that the newest, most interesting, and most important research is accessible and reaches a wide audience.

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