Utah State Legislative Update 2/2

February 02, 2018

It's week 2 of the legislative session!

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Changes are italicized. 

Bills that UAH Supports:

Bills that UAH is Watching:

  • H.B. 132: Juvenile Justice Modifications (Rep. Snow)
    • Follow up to last year's successful H.B. 239 and clarifies a few roles within the juvenile justice system. UAH supports this, but school districts may try to add amendments that reverse some of the law's reforms, like not being able to send kids to prison for skipping school. 
    • Status: House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
  • Nutrition Assistance Amendments (Rep. Spendlove)
    • No text at this time, but could possibly implicate SNAP or WIC. Mysterious.
    • Status: In process


  • UAH successfully worked with the Social Services Appropriations Sub-Committee and the Utah Department of Workforce Services to preserve the $1.19 million in state-funding that supports emergency food pantries and food banks state-wide.